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About Australian Tunnelling Services

Tunnels and Shafts are expensive assets. When these assets are
constructed by Microtunnelling (Pipejacking or Trenchless) they can
become very expensive if attention to detail of the six critical elements
that make up a Microtunnelling project are ignored, or an attempt is
made to by pass them.

Australian Tunnelling Services provide both Contractors and Clients
with Project Management and Technical Support, to ensure that Shaft
Sinking and Microtunnelling Projects are delivered successfully.


Our History

Founder members of Australian Tunnelling Services began their careers
in the UK Microtunnelling Industry in the late eighties when this
tunnelling technique began to flourish within the UK Construction
Industry. With over 25 years experience Australian Tunnelling Services
can now offer their services to all parties who require essential input to
ensure successful Shaft Sinking & Microtunnelling Construction Projects.