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Construction Services

Project support to contractors and clients
who specialize in micro-tunnelling
and shaft sinking.


Australian Tunnelling Services offer technical advice and consultancy services to contractors who require shafts to be sunk successfully and cost effectively. Our speciality is shaft sinking using precast concrete segments, either by underpinning or as wet or dry caissons.

In addittion to technical services ATS also have an agreement with FP McCann www.fpmccann.co.uk to import these segments. At today's exchange rates and the impressive range of shaft sinking supplies that FP McCann offer these shaft segments are an ideal alternative to products currently available in Australia.


Once the most common method of Shaft construction in the UK and mainland Europe. This method is ideal for soft ground conditions where ground water does not affect the immediate stand up time of exposed vertical faces.

Again a very competitive method especially for shafts up to 12m in depth, contact us and be pleasantly surprised at the value for money and time saving on Tunnelling Projects.


This method of construction is ideal for soft ground conditions where ground water is present.

It guarantees successful shaft sinking up to depths of 30m in the poorest of ground conditions. Using time proven specialist techniques and plant this method of Shaft Construction will deliver a successful product for your tunnelling project.

Unfortunately there is a belief that this method is expensive compared to existing techniques.

Contact us and you will be surprised to find that this method is financially competitive and also offers guarantees that your Tunnelling Project will begin on time.