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Technical Services

Project support to contractors and clients
who specialize in micro-tunnelling
and shaft sinking.


The most important part of a Microtunnelling & Shaft Sinking Project is a successful construction phase. Australian Tunnelling Services can provide the skilled personnel that you require for efficient construction


The linchpin of Microtunnelling success. Whether you require Iseki, Herrenknecht, mts Perforator, Lovat or any other mainstream make of TBM we have worldwide access to a number of skilled operators.


Tunnel surveying is not like any other survey techniques carried out by mainstream surveyors. Modern techniques cannot remove the basic principle that deep shafts and long tunnels require expert surveying personnel.

If you require short term or long term survey attendance on site then Australian Tunnelling Services have the personnel for you.


Poor temporary works design in Shaft Sinking & Microtunnelling will lead to expensive rectification work when the construction phase fails.

Temporary Works Design is quite simple for Shafts and Pipejacks but often missed out by inexperienced contractors and designers. If you require this simple input at very reasonable prices please contact us at Australian Tunnelling Services.