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Australian Tunnelling Services has joined forces with Alignment Surveys who have developed TEDSS® (Tunnel Engineering Directional Software System).

In brief this provides the Tunnelling Contractor with all that is necessary for tunnel guidance. It is adaptable for both Pipejacking and Segmental Tunnelling giving numerous advantages over current Industry Standards.

The TEDSS® is unique and has been developed with over twenty years of research and development. It has been used on major Civil Engineering projects and is adaptable to the Mining environment.

Benefits of the TEDSS® When Compared to Industry Standard:

The TEDSS® has a broader visual window due to a selectable range of targets (prisms) in curved underground environments. The current industry standard, which is a laser system, has restricted visual windows as the TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) advances, and other machinery blocks its window.

The TEDSS® only requires sufficient space for a 12" PC Display within the TBM operators area. In contrast the industry standard system requires one fixed target, plus a console. Thus occupying a bigger space within the already restricted operator's area.

The TEDSS® requires fewer 'move-ups' on curved drives than the industry standard. This increases productivity due to less downtime and gives cost savings.

The TEDSS® performs equally well on straight as well as curved drives. Only one system is required for all underground alignments.

Specific Customer Benefits using the TEDSS®:

The TEDSS® - brings contracts in ahead of schedule, due to less downtime, ensuring consistent and significant cost savings on every contract.

The TEDSS® - gives guaranteed cost savings in all underground environments due to a more competitive hire rate when compared to any system currently on the market.

The TEDSS® - frees-up space in the restricted operators area, making it a serious consideration for improved safety underground.

The TEDSS® - is a one-system-fits-all so it can be used on both straight and curved alignments, eliminating the need to have more than one system on any contract.

Further Information

For further information on the use of TEDSS® please contact Australian Tunnelling Services.

Our application of this system is available throughout Australia & New Zealand for use on all Tunnelling Contracts whether it is Civil or Mining.

A more detailed description is available to see at www.alignmentsurveys.com